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No more smelly hockey equipment?

No more smelly hockey equipment?


HockeySmell Probiotic Bacterial Control Spray Drastically REDUCES and PREVENTS the presence of harmful viruses & bacteria in your locker room with NO CHEMICAL RISK. In the process, it removes the smell too. 

Reduces the risk of MRSA, Staph, Mold, on surfaces and airborne. 

How does the Probiotic Spray Eliminate Bacteria? 
How does it Prevent the Spread of Bacteria with No Chemicals?

We will explain what is happening when our solutions is sprayed on an item.  

Competitive Exclusion. How the Good Bacteria defeats the Bad Bacteria. 

The principle behind competitive exclusion is that during the spraying of HockeySmell, a layer of beneficial bacteria immediately occupy the entire surface that has a been sprayed.

Good Bacteria occupy space & consume all fuel that the dangerous & hungry pathogens need to survive.  (like human sweat)

With each spray of the solution, BILLIONS of microbes are released onto the surface of your item. The tiny microscopic bacteria infiltrate through the fiber to the core of the material. As the microbes begin to move, the probiotic beneficial bacteria expeditiously consumes all remaining food sources,(protein) leaving nothing behind for potential pathogenic invaders, also known as the “bad” bacteria.  


If you are in the defending in most team contact sport, to eliminate your opponent, the defender should eliminate what?? You eliminate the opponent's Space and Time. 

Bacteria NEEDS SPACE & FUEL to survive, multiply, thrive & infect. The Solution is to remove space and fuel. 
With no space and fuel, bad bacteria go into a dormant state, the are no longer dangerous. When they go into dormant state, the smell, the bacteria & the mold are GONE.

Good Bacteria Wins. HockeySmell is Good Bacteria.

Bacteria need nutrients for energy, water to stay hydrated, and a place to grow that meets their environmental preferences. https://sciencing.com/three-conditions-ideal-bacteria-grow-9122.html

 You will never have moldy smelling equipment if you spray with Hockey Smell regularly. 

For Heavily Soiled Equipment. The smelliest item I can think of are hockey gloves. Items that have been smelly for years will take a few overnight cleanings to fully eliminate the smell.

Maintain Equipment Cleanliness

Whether you are starting with new equipment or new-to-you equipment, it is important to maintain cleanliness with regular spraying. 

The protocol is to spray your equipment before and after every use. After every use is minimally required to maintain optimum protection and cleanliness.

Spraying each piece takes 20 seconds. Spraying each item can drastically reduce the spread of bacteria & sickness.

Use Directly Before Activity. It's safe. 

The good news is that our probiotic spray can be sprayed directly before activity. It is actually encouraged. Spraying the probiotic solution on your gloves keeps your hands and equipment more protected and clean. 

BUY HOCKEYSMELLAll Natural Probiotic Athletic Equipment Purification Solution. Highly concentrated probiotic beneficial bacteria works for up to 3 days cleaning your equipment and environment. No chemicals, no alcohol, no fragrance.  Clean, fresh athletic equipment.

Your friends will be VERY happy that your
hands don't smell after playing hockey.