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What are probiotics?

Probiotics are safe and good bacteria imposing a health-promoting effect on humans and animals.

How do probiotics work?

During the use of probiotic products, a large portion of the pathogenic bacteria is removed by physical means with regular cleaning. The innovative aspect of our probiotics is that immediately after cleaning; a layer of good bacteria is placed on the treated surfaces. The Good Bacteria will immediately occupy all space, fuel and water, thereby preventing newly arriving pathogens from multiplying. It prevents future pathogens from surviving for up to 3 days.

This is called Competitive Exclusion. (Link to Wikipedia)

The beneficial bacteria communicate with each other to totally dominate 100% of the surface.
This is called Quorum Sensing. (Link to Wikipedia)

Do Probiotics products cause resistance & build up of biofilm similar to chemical disinfectants?

No, probiotic products have no direct biocidal effect on other bacteria. They will not lead to the build-up of resistance among pathogenic microorganisms.

Probiotics remove any source for pathogens to exist. No fuel, no water, no space results in no life for pathogens.

What are Pathogens?

Pathogens are harmful (“bad”) bacteria that cause illness in people and animals/birds/fish. Other harmful germs and bacteria cause odors, spoil food and illnesses like Staph, MRSA, Flu among many other unpleasantries.

Pathogens can be prevented with Good Bacteria Probiotics Cleaners..

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm is a microscopic protective matrix, a cover, like a housing, in a sense, in which large colonies of microbes are embedded. Biofilms are not just a place to hide dirt, viruses, pathogens and other contaminants, but it is a slimy matrix that is one of the key weapons micro-organisms use to defeat the immune system, antibiotic drugs and other threats.

Why is cleaning with probiotics better than chemical cleaning?

Conventional cleaning methods normally use chemicals that claim to kill 99% of germs. What they do not mention is that all of that left over dead residue is now fuel for new pathogens to thrive. The chemical cleaners do not physically remove all the contamination at the microscopic level where dirt and unwanted ‘germs’ hide.

Most conventional cleaners do not penetrate the biofilm layers formed by bacteria to protect themselves. This is where bacteria thrive. This biofilm needs to be removed for optimal cleaning and to protect your health.

Good Bacteria cleaners are different. They have live probiotics that act like millions of tiny workers removing the contaminations and dirt at the microscopic level that chemcials normally can never reach. These microscopic beneficial workers continue to work for up to 3-4 days at a time after each cleaning to keep eating away the biofilm put down by pathogens and other harmful (bad) germs.

Where are probiotic products effective?

Probiotic products are applicable in all ares with high traffic spaces with pathogen problems like classrooms, athletic facilities, locker rooms, bathrooms, gyms, dorms, classrooms, offices, stairwells etc

We have a line of probiotic cleaners for Athletic Equipment & Air Treatment and another line that is for deeper cleaning on surfaces called All Surface Cleaner.

Do I keep disinfecting with antibacterials when using the Probiotics?

Not recommended (unless directed by authorities or your local OSHA/Company regulations). Disinfectants should NOT be used with our probiotic cleanening products. Chemicals will kill our probiotics.

The best results with probiotics are obtained when no chemicals are used during the use of probiotics.

If regulations require chemical disinfectant, wait a few hours or until the chemical cleaner is dry to use probiotics to re-stabilize the environmental microbiota.

Important: Probiotic treatment should be applied ONLY after the chemical disinfection has dried.
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Are probiotic products safe to humans? Is protective clothing recommended?

Due to their biological nature, all probiotic products are perfectly safe, eco & environmentally-friendly and harmless. The products are so pure, we refer to them as earth-beneficial, because even as you pour the used probiotics into a drain or gutter, it cleans with natural goodness. No chemicals are going into the sewer or Earth.

There is no need to wear protective clothing.

ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION: It is ALWAYS recommended to wear appropriate eye protection according to Company, OSHA & local regulations. Refer to YOUR organization’s requirements.

Do I need to wear Eye Protection/safety glasses while using Good Bacteria Probiotics?

You should ALWAYS wear Protective Safety Glasses.

Is Probiotic Spray Toxic in any way?

No. The level of toxicity in our probiotic solution is equal to that of water. The stabilized beneficial organic probiotic bacteria are sitting and waiting to multiply and conquer to occupy surfaces and pathogens.  If the probiotic spray comes in contact with bare skin it will have no negative effect.

What happens when I interrupt the regular application of probiotics?

We do not recommend an interruption any longer than 3 days.  The probiotic bacteria in the probiotic products colonize the environment and create a stable and healthy microbiota. They maintain their activity for a couple of days, but a frequent addition of ‘fresh’ probiotic bacteria is required to maintain optimal results.

For Athletic Equipment Freshness, use before and after every activity.

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What are the optimal storage conditions for the probiotic products?

Given the presence of probiotic bacteria in the products, storage between 50-86°F.

The microbes are living and need to avoid heat and freezing.

Direct sunlight is to be avoided. Do not freeze.

After we dilute, how long do we have to use the probiotic solutions?

The Solution is generally live and working for 3-5 days on a surface.

Kepp your mixed/diluted solution is sealed in a clean container, it will stay potent for 6 months.


Remember to shake the probiotics before mixing and before using. You must wake the microbes up.