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HockeySmell - Athletic Equipment Cleaning


One 8oz Bottle Dilutes to
up to 80 Ounces of HOCKEYSMELL Spray 

Drastically reduce the risk of infection. 
Promote healthy athletes and teams. 

HockeySmell is a powerful, athletic spray cleaner that fights pathogens and prevents equipment odor without the use of chemicals, alcohol, or perfume.

HockeySmell can be used to purify ANY TYPE OF EQUIPMENT
Use on equipment that is water-safe.

  • Gloves 
  • Protective body pads
  • Shin pads and leg pads
  • Helmets and hats
  • Skates and footwear 
  • Equipment bags
  • Water bottles

Cleans & protects for up to 3 days! Your items/equipment gets progressively cleaner as it sits. After spraying HockeySmell, live organic probiotics continue cleaning your item for up to 3 days, preventing new arriving pathogens from surviving.

Upon being shaken and sprayed, the probiotics occupy the space & consume all protein it comes in contact with.  This protein is the fuel that pathogens need to survive. If the pathogens have no host, they have no life. In the process of the protein being consumed, the odor is removed. When it is clean, it has NO smell.

HockeySmell is formulated to have no "scent" in our cleaner.
You'll have clean equipment, 
not scented equipment.

Safe for athletes' skin & lungs. Our probiotic cleaners are safe for all with no risk of allergy or chemical reactions. It cannot hurt you. It cannot hurt Earth. 

HockeySmell is intended to be used for regular, daily spraying & cleaning on all types of athletic equipment. It can also be used to cold fog large areas like gyms & locker rooms to purify them.

Extra Dirty Equipment? 
Use a more-concentrated dilution of HockeySmell.
Severely soiled equipment may require 2 or 3 doses.


    Bacteria Control Cold Fogging - Purify Without Chemicals

    • Fitness Clubs & Equipment
    • Locker Rooms & Showers
    • Gymnasiums 

      Prevent Smelly Gyms, Locker Rooms  & Personal Equipment:
      Treat with HockeySmell before and after every event or use of the equipment, to prevent odor and pathogens. 

      Consistency Counts: When used regularly, it helps prevent the spread of staph, flu, viruses, and MRSA using the power of beneficial bacteria. 

        Highly Concentrated Solution: 

        • Dilute 1-ounce HockeySmell to up to 10 ounces of water.   
        • With new/clean equipment: 6-10 parts water to 1 part HockeySmell
        • Already smelly equipment: 10 parts water to 2-4 parts  HockeySmell

        Safe for Skin, Lungs & Earth. Non-GMO, Organic, Earth Beneficial. 

        2 Simple Ingredients: 

        1. Purified Water
        2. Proprietary Stabilized Probiotic Beneficial Bacteria