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The Disinfectant Approach to Equipment Cleaning … And why it stinks …

The Disinfectant Approach to Equipment Cleaning … And why it stinks …

Hockey Smell: The Disinfectant Approach to Hockey Gear Cleaning …And why it stinks.

How do you control odor & bacteria on your hockey gear?
Do you clean it once a year? Once a month?

Do you use the disinfectant spray we all grew up using?
You know the one. The one that KILLS 99.9x% of germs?

For generations, it was assumed that to get rid of bacteria, you had to kill everything on that surface. "Only harsh chemicals will work.''

We weren't concerned with the “effects” of chemicals that wiped out everything in their path. We grew up trusting the advertising. Grandma & Mom used it...

We deem that spray as safe? Even though the label clearly states that the products are unsafe for your lungs, skin, and eyes...

Ever read the back of that spray can? It specifically states: DO NOT let it come in contact with your skin. Yet we sprayed it on our equipment...

Resistance to chemicals was inevitable. Studies are suggesting that disinfectants and antimicrobial soaps have created super-resistant bacteria that are unaffected by disinfectant sprays.

I am sure you are familiar with the superbugs such as MRSA that cannot be defeated by antibiotics. The same exact thing is happening on surfaces. Disinfectant sprays don’t solve the germ problem – they just create monster germs.

Most recently, bacteria may have become resistant to alcohol, another old disinfecting standby. 

Read the story here: https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/drug-resistant-superbugs-may-have-just-learned-new-trick-n896606

HockeySmell DOES solve the problem; by working with nature to crowd out, rather than kill germs – with no harmful consequences.

Does HockeySmell kill 99.9% of bacteria?
Absolutely not!! Probiotics are not killers the way chemicals are. They work by taking over and controlling the environment where they are sprayed.

Killing the good is not good. You know that 99.9% of bacteria killed by those chemical sprays? What most people do not realize is that of that 99.9%,
less than 5% of what disinfectant sprays kill is bad. Most of the killed bacteria was healthy microflora. In effect,  chemical-cleaners they are wiping any natural goodness from the surface. Conclusion: Killing 99.9% means wiping out the beneficial bacteria that keep your surface safe.

Know what's worse? With chemical cleaners, the dead bacteria become fuel for the new pathogens that immediately start to return. Because chemical sprays stop working as soon as they dry, the bad bacteria come right back to feed on the dead bacteria, spreading across the surface stronger….

Most bacteria won't hurt you - less than 1 percent of the different types make people sick. Many are helpful. (read here) Department of Health & Human Services

Studies are suggesting that using disinfectant sprays actually strengthens the bad bacteria with each spray. It is the similar to overusing antibiotics, with the result of creating resistant superbugs. (MRSA)

Deodorizers Stink. Using deodorizers does absolutely nothing to help the problem. Newsflash: The perfume TRICKS you into believing it is clean, because the smell is gone. Meanwhile you are inhaling many chemicals.

What is actually occurring is that your nasal passages are being coated with perfumish-smelly chemicals. The bad bacteria can still go into your body, lungs, onto your clothes, and into your eyes. You are simply covering them up. (but your equipment smells nice). Your nose, skin, and lungs are the victims here. The equipment will be fine...

HockeySmell Probiotic Cleaner uses nothing but nature.
It is good bacteria. It’s that simple. We are harnessing nature to eradicate bad bacteria. The result is the removal of the moldy smell associated with athletic equipment in general. Naturally! (click the logo to buy now) 

Logo-All Natural Probiotic Athletic Equipment Purification Solution. Highly concentrated probiotic beneficial bacteria works for up to 3 days cleaning your equipment and environment. No chemicals, no alcohol, no fragrance.  Clean, fresh athletic equipment
HockeySmell Probiotic Cleaner contains no chemicals. 
Just add our powerful probiotic solution to water in a clean spray bottle. That’s it. You can use it on equipment, sticks, gloves, helmets, mouth guards – yes, even mouth guards. You can clean anything with this solution. Desks, tables, trash cans, your car’s steering wheel – absolutely anything.

HockeySmell keeps working for up to three days after being applied.
With HockeySmell when the pathogens return, they are greeted and handled by the good bacteria, who put them into a dormant state – meaning they stop growing and are not a threat or they are simply consumed and converted to Co2.

The Science of Microbes: The Good Bacteria in HockeySmell will overtake the entire surface, breaking down biofilm, pushing out the bad bacteria using COMPETITIVE EXCLUSION and QUORUM SENSING.